Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday lunch and minor garden talk

This morning DH couldn't resist checking along the edges of a row of Yukon Gold potatoes. He didn't dig with a shovel, just scrabbled with his hands so as not to disturb the growing plants yet still came up with one softball-sized potato and another dozen ranging from golf ball- to baseball-sized. Those were enough to get us off and running to create an all-from-the-garden lunch.

A medium-sized head of cabbage (about 3-1/2 pounds -- the third one picked this season), a couple of pounds of sugar snap peas which DS picked, and a handful of chives completed the harvest. I cut half the cabbage into wedges and steamed it. A pound of the peas I quickly stir-fried in homemade garlic oil and I simply scrubbed the potatoes, quartered them as necessary, and boiled till fork tender, about 12 minutes. They cook really fast when fresh.

To accompany this garden feast I sliced a bit of cold roast beef (grass-fed and raised about 15 miles from here) but when it came time to sit down no one even looked at the beef. It was all about the potatoes sprinkled with aromatic fresh chives and topped with local country butter. And just a touch of local apple cider vinegar poured over the cabbage. And those crisp tender peas in the pod! Oh, my.

DS discovered that he likes to dip pea pods into the vinegar, too. Not something I wanted to try but interesting.

For dessert we enjoyed a bowl full of sweet cherries that my sister picked yesterday morning. It was such a good meal, DH packed up the remains to take for dinner at work. He included a bit of meat but I think that was only because we'd made real inroads on the vegetables -- there weren't many leftovers, in other words.

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