Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Needle felting on a shirt yoke

My old cotton flannel shirt has seen better days but I thought it deserved a little decoration so needle felted a brown sheep on the back yoke last month.

I used a sheep-shaped cookie cutter to lay out the initial form. Outlined it with a strand of 2-ply natural brown wool handspun yarn and used one of my 38 gauge felting needles to attach the yarn to the fabric.

Once I had the main shape outlined, it was easy enough to fill it in with swirls of yarn. I added the face and legs using black tapestry wool I had in my stash.

DS thinks the design looks more like a bear than a sheep but I'm pleased with the results. The fabric underside has little tufts of wool sticking through (natural part of the needle felting process) so I don't think I'd use this decorative technique on a piece of clothing that would rest directly on my skin. I wear this shirt as a jacket though so that isn't an issue. And I've washed the shirt several times since needle felting without damage to the design. I do turn it wrong-side out before washing, tho.

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