Friday, June 12, 2009

Garden harvest update

Welcome rains this spring are fueling our garden's explosion. I've been trying to weigh all the produce as it comes in but some days it's a hit-or-miss proposition what with the regular chores plus preparing or preserving all the veg. Here's what I've recorded so far this spring:

17.5 pounds - Sugar snap peas
5 pounds - Green cabbage
13 pounds - Beets
6 pounds - Turnips
7 pounds - Swiss chard (Ruby red and regular, combined)
16 pounds - Lettuce (Cos and Buttercrunch, combined)
12.5 pounds - Spinach
3 pounds - Daikon radishes
6 pounds - Bok choy
1.5 pounds - Cauliflower
8 pounds - Egyptian onions
8 pounds - Strawberries
18 pounds - Rhubarb

The list isn't complete but I'm pleased with my count so far -- over 120 pounds of produce so far. Most of the spring harvest went straight onto our table or the table of friends or family but I've frozen several pounds of sugar snap peas, rhubarb and greens, dried a few pounds of beets, and canned eight quarts of rhubarb punch for later use.

DH is still setting out hillbilly tomatoes and second plantings of summer squash among other things so the garden's shaping up to have a great year. Now if only I can hold up my end of the bargain by staying on top of the harvest, thinking of tasty ways to serve it up and preserve the extra for the winter months. Some days those seem like daunting tasks but when I can see the results totaled here, it motivates me to keep plugging away.

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