Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday night at the drive-in

This was opening weekend for Hull's Drive-in down in Lexington. It's the country's only community-owned, non-profit drive-in and we've been members and supporters (and sometime-volunteers) of Hull's Angels since the beginning, 1999. But it seems we rarely get to go to the drive-in. Saturday night all the planets must have been in alignment because we made it.

Hull's is such a local favorite that even though we hadn't planned to meet up, some friends were already there and waved us into a spot next to them. Another family we know was on the other side so we had lots of visiting to do while the kids played ball and Frisbee in the grass in front of the big screen.

Growing up, when my family went to the drive-in, we made popcorn at home and put it in paper grocery sacks to take in the car. When we were all at home, we even took two bags, one for the front seat and one for the back. I normally try to keep that tradition alive but since I had a fiber guild meeting Saturday morning and DH was bottling apple butter with some friends, we ran out of time for food prep. Fortunately, Hull's has a great snack bar staffed by Hull's Angels volunteers.

It was a beautiful day for the drive-in and we started out sitting in front of the car in lawn chairs. That was great for visiting but when the sun sent down, the air cooled off and though we all wore jackets and some (me!) had blankets, we three ended up watching the movie from the car. There were many hardier souls who stayed out in the open, however.

We stayed for the first feature and, at DS's request, the short animated clips that have been shown between features for as long as I can remember but while DH and I might have enjoyed the second movie, it probably wasn't a good choice for a ten year old so we headed home. We have high hopes that we can make it back to Hull's later this summer. Just gotta get those planets in alignment again...

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