Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nothing like a private fireworks show...

County fair started tonight, with, as usual, a fireworks show at the end of the evening. The fairgrounds are a couple miles away by road but only a mile as the crow flies. The fireworks are set off on a hill behind our house. Perfect viewing location!


sue said...

Wow! lucky you guys! Looks like fun!! great shot, Carolyn!

Jennlala said...

Ooo, that would be wonderful fun to be able to sit in the yard and enjoy the fireworks!
I just found your blog through Ravelry via the Fiber Guild. Great blog! You have done what we are trying to do in a smaller way on our 4 acres. But because we started with 4 acres of totally trees it is taking longer that I hoped it would. We had a little garden spot this year but because it is the first year for our garden and with the erribly hot and humid weather it did not do well at all. It will take a couple more years to condition the soil etc.etc. After growing up in Iowa and having huge and abundant gardens it is kind of disappointing.....It is hard to be patient. ;)
But what I wondered is where did you get all those Damson plums?? Are there places that we can pick or buy them. Or are you so fortunate to have your own trees? I wish I could find a place to buy fresh produce like this to eat and preserve. Especially since it will be quite a while until we can produce our own. (By the way, I think we may have met the other day at the Guild meeting and I live in Louisa County).

Carolyn said...

The damsons came from a friend's tree. For now, I have a little damson seedling with hopes that one day soon it will produce like the tree that threw it. Don't know of any farm producing damsons for sale, tho, damsons and native persimmons seem like a good fit at a farmers' market.

The C-ville city market and amFOG are two places I go to for produce when I'm on your side of the mountain. Plus Chiles and Carter Mountain, of course.

I know I shouldn't encourage skipping guild meetings but check out, if you haven't already, the Heritage Harvest Festival scheduled for 9/11/10. Don't really recommend it in the rain (as it was a couple years ago), but it can be a great day of workshops, garden tours and mushroom walks, tomato tastings, etc.

Jennlala said...

I did not realize The HHF was the same day as the next meeting. My Husband and I were thinking about going there. Guess I will have to wait and see what the weather turns out to be like and make the decision.

Thanks for the tips!

Jennlala said...

Question: Do you or have you ever dehydrated Damson Plums? If you have are they enough to snack on or do they need to be used in a recipe, like cake, pie or something else?

I have found a place to buy them but don't want to buy to many if they are not good dehydrated.


Carolyn at Walnut Spinney said...

I've never dehydrated them as individual fruits. I like to use the pulp, after juicing, to make fruit leather but I add honey to sweeten.

Since the sugar intensifies with dehydrating, it takes less than if I were to eat them fresh so maybe straight drying them would be a viable option. Will have to save some out next time to try... I can't easily remove the pits from Damsons while fresh. I usually have to add heat in some form to release the pits. Do you have a good technique or are you just very determined? :)

Jennlala said...

Hmmm, I am not sure. But I do have plenty of time.
I looked all over the net and found nothing but jam and sauce recipes.
Maybe it is just not worth the effort and I should put that money towards something tried and true...more peaches. :o)
Thank you for your help. I thought if anyone would know, you might.