Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trimming onion seedlings -- easier than trimming hair

But has to be done much more often.  On the positive side, these trimmings are great in scrambled eggs or scalloped potatoes.

I'm trying to keep the onion seedlings (seeds planted January 30) down to 2" or 3" in height to encourage strong root growth and avoid spindly tops.  Every couple of days I have to trim the onions.  (And I hate to waste anything, you know that.)  So I've been using the trimmings like tender young chives.  They're excellent for adding a touch of fresh green onion flavor to our scrambled eggs, egg salad and scalloped potatoes.  Next time I trim them I plan to stir the green bits into some of the creamy kefir cheese (drained kefir, like yogurt cheese) and use for a dip with crackers.  They're much too good to waste.

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RSA Certificate said...

Mmm fresh chives! Delicious