Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jim's chulo

Same overall pattern as the one I whipped together at Christmas but for this hat, DH's hat, he wanted a Celtic knot pattern in the color band instead of the triangle pattern included in Lewandowski's book.

Since I anticipated carrying this around as I worked on it, a photocopy of the chart he chose went into my knitting bag with the yarn (Cascade 220 and Mission Falls 1824 from J.J.'s Knitting Knook) and needles. The ear flaps and the plain knitting-in-the-round went fast. The first few rows of the colorwork went fast, too.

Then, when I hit the 10-stitch repeat, I discovered I was getting lost looking at the photocopied chart. So I frogged and I frogged again. Then I hit on the idea of charting each row (at least the 10 stitches before the next repeat) on graph paper with the rows separated by a white line. Finally, I was able to finish without errors. Well, I THINK it's error-free. I'll know for sure after I block it and can examine it more easily. If there are any errors I'm calling them minor and I'll correct by swiss darning or duplicate stitch. Sh! Don't tell.


Anonymous said...

I like the pattern for the Celtic knot. The colors on the hat work well together. I have a copy of Lewandowski's book, but I haven't made anything from it yet. I tend to knit too tightly when it comes to using two colors of yarn. Then everything bunches up. Looks like you've mastered the technique.

Carolyn said...

Thanks! The colors are DH's favorite but I was a little concerned as the Mission Falls 1824 yarns are just a wee bit thinner than the Cascade 220. I didn't think it would make a noticeable difference but I wasn't really sure it wouldn't affect the knot pattern.

Haven't tried other patterns from Lewandowski's book but the nephew I made the other chulo for wants a dice bag so I'm considering one of her patterns for that.