Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu plan for week of Jan 11/10

I sat down this morning with a cup of winter herb tea (recipe below) and wrote out another quick menu for the upcoming week. If something becomes a habit after 21 days, I should be well on my way to making this one. But in my experience I think that works best with BAD habits...

Monday, January 11

Pot roast and vegetables w/noodles
Green salad (depends on what's under the snow)
HM bread

Tuesday, January 12

Chicken fried rice
Orange and grapefruit segments

Wednesday, January 13

Black bean and cheese enchiladas
Canned peaches and pineapple

Thursday, January 14

Oatmeal pancakes w/maple syrup
Sausage patties

Friday, January 15

Tortellini-Vegetable soup
No-knead bread
Fruit salad

Saturday, January 16

Chicken and Dumplings

Sunday, January 17

Macaroni and cheese
Green beans
Beets (pickled or not)

Winter Herb Tea

1/2 teaspoon dried lemon balm
1/2 teaspoon dried lemon verbena
1/2 teaspoon dried chamomile
1 cup pink grapefruit juice -- warmed

Steep the herbs in the warmed juice, covered, for 4 minutes. Then discard the herbs and sip the tea.

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sue said...

It all sounds great to me, Carolyn. Lots of good comfort food being built into that menu. I'll be heading out on the road for a few days, and will most decidedly NOT be having homemade meals, so you'll make me homesick with this! Looks wonderful!