Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jim's chulo - finished

Definitely took me longer than the two days needed to finish Chris's chulo but it's done. The celtic pattern from Alice Starmore's "Charts for Colour Knitting" (out-of-print) was a bear to knit. I'm not sure why as it wasn't particularly complicated with a 10-stitch repeat and less than 25 or so rows. Maybe it was because I was also listening to Karen Cushman's "Catherine, Called Birdy" with DS? I had read the book before but I've already learned I probably shouldn't drive and listen to audiobooks as I arrive safely but can't recall anything about the trip... Maybe it affects my knitting ability or, at least, my ability to follow a charted pattern while listening.

I washed and blocked the hat before presenting it to DH but he insists on turning up the front brim so it will stay as pictured. Also, he likes to play with his hats, turning them this way and that to make new forms, so the ear flaps will probably grow to be twice their beginning length. But it's his and one should always remember that a gift is a gift -- no give-backs, you know, and no "thou shalt do this" with it rules attached. If I tell myself this often enough I'll come to believe AND accept it. I think.


Anonymous said...

Love the chulo. I'm sure it was worth the effort. Right now I'm knitting a lace scarf. After ripping back and starting over three times, I've accepted the fact that I have to be alone in a quiet room to finish it. I wonder if getting older is affecting my ability to concentrate. It will eventually get finished, just not this week or next.

Happy knitting!

sue said...

Hahaaa! Love it--it's beautiful! I enjoyed your gifting philosophy. Classic. Really nice, Carolyn--you're a good knitter.