Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hanging clothes on the line -- drudgery or a simple pleasure?

After the delay caused by yesterday's ice storm, I couldn't wait to get the sheets washed and out on the line this morning. I love hanging the laundry! Even when I hate it -- it's too hot, too cold, not in the mood, whatever, once I get the basket out there and start pegging those towels on the line I'm feeling more cheerful. Sick, huh?

We've always had an electric dryer but dryer sheets can't compare with the smell of fresh air-dried laundry. And I like how absorbent and, yes, even how rough, cotton bath towels are after hanging on the line.

And, of course, a clothesline and its regular use offer other benefits such as reduced electricity consumption and the associated cost. Lowering our carbon footprint and all that. But for me it's also about the peaceful feeling I can tap into. The simple act of carrying a basket from the laundry room to the backyard, laughing at the "backyard girls" who come running when they see me come out the door (they're just sure I've brought them a crust of bread or maybe an apple core), and then the peaceful feeling that steals over me as I pick up each piece, shake it out and pin it to the line.

It's a very methodical task for me and the view from the backyard is all about grass, trees, hills and, in the distance, mountains. A few deep breaths while I'm working and cares just roll away. Must be the fresh air.

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