Saturday, February 2, 2008

Project Laundry

Project Laundry List is an interesting site with more information about hanging the laundry. It's a non-profit organization dedicated to demonstrating how simple changes in lifestyle can reduce energy demands.

While viewing the site, I came across lists of blogs that discuss clotheslines. Who knew it was such a popular topic? Apparently plenty of other people enjoy the ritual act of hanging laundry and/or the results of line-drying. The blog Living in a Toxic World was where I first found a link to Project Laundry List.

There were quite a few mentions of city ordinances and restrictive covenants that keep folks from blighting the neighborhood with clotheslines or hanging laundry. I'm very glad to live where my linens can fly free and I wish everyone who wanted to could have a clothesline. Hanging my clothes out to dry never felt like a subversive act before.

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