Monday, January 14, 2008

Locker hooking again

This is the rug I made my DSis for Christmas a year ago. The picture makes it look a bit distorted but it really is a rectangle with 90-deg angles!

I used solid red and some dark blue-and-white window-pane fabric and basically started in the middle and worked outward with out a plan. Not the recommended method. After I made the heart (which I did just because I couldn't think of another motif as easy to do as the heart...) I had to fill-in the background and throw in a little more red to round things out. Since I hadn't planned ahead, I didn't have enough red to do a fancier (or even solid) border. But, for a first attempt, I was pleased and DSis insists she likes it, too. I believe her as it is in use and therefore, on display, in her house. (And I've made surprise visits just in case she was only pulling it out of hiding when I'm going to be there. No, really!)

Now I'm ready to do another locker hook project. I'm leaning toward a chair pad for my chair at the kitchen table. Of course, I'd really like to have 4 pads since there are 4 kitchen chairs, but I'm trying not to "promise" myself too much in the way of craft completions these days. I already have the canvas and plenty of fabric to cut into strips with my DM's trusty Rigby cutter. Just have to work out the pattern I want to use.

I'm thinking of a quilt pattern or maybe something from a farmyard scene. That way I could expand the idea to other pads if I get around to them. Maybe a chicken house on one, a barn on another, farmhouse on a third and what on a fourth? I'd go with animals like chickens, sheep, etc. but I think I'll save those for when I'm hooking with yarn instead of locker hooking with fabric strips. Easier to do the smaller details with yarn and a rug hook, I think.

Which brings to mind why I'm contemplating a locker hook project instead of finishing the hooked table pad (rug hook with wool fabric strips) that is all done except for the border. I've misplaced my hook and can't find it! After several weeks of looking in every odd drawer and basket in the grey room and near my chair in the living room, I've reconciled myself to its loss and have ordered a replacement off eBay from a place down the road in Salem. Should be here by the weekend, I hope, and then I've promised myself I'll finish the table pad immediately. But that leaves several days free to get that locker hook chair pad going. And I know where the locker hook is located -- see, I found it while I was searching for the rug hook...

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