Saturday, January 12, 2008

Small knitting project - diagonally-knit dishcloth

These diagonally-knit cotton dish cloths have to be the easiest, most portable knitting project ever. The pattern is so simple I don't have to carry any notes with me and I can put it down without fear of forgetting where I'm at when I next pick it up.

All you do is cast on 4 stitches and knit. For the first half of the square, when you're building up to a triangle that would be half of the square you want to end up with, you knit the first two stitches, yarn over and then knit till the end of the row. That's the directions for each row until you're at the halfway point. Then you start decreasing by knitting the first stitch, knitting the next two together, yarn over, and then knit till the end of the row. Repeat till you're down to 4 stitches and cast off. That's it.

Oh, and these make great gifts, too. They fill out a gift basket or make something to tuck into a gift bag when you need a "thinking of you" gift at the last minute. I try to keep a supply on hand in different colors but they're so quick-to-knit you could always run up a few the night before when in a rush. I've done a couple in the afternoon before an evening get-together but I don't recommend it. I'm finding I like to relax when I knit, rather than do it in a rush where I can't enjoy the process. YMMV

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