Monday, January 21, 2008

Neither snow nor sickness keep learning from happening when you're homeschooled

Public school was out for two days last week due to bad weather. DS has had a cough since before New Year's and started running a fever the first of last week necessitating a visit to the pediatrician last Monday. DH came home from work the night before we took DS to the doc and said he was coming down with something, too. By Wednesday, DH was home in bed -- very unusual for him and DS was holding his own. Friday night DS's fever was back and running about 102F. so took him back to the doc on Saturday. Gotta love those doctors' offices that offer weekend hours! Yesterday I started running a fever. Everyone's succumbed.

The good news is, even in the middle of all this snow and sickness, DH and DS have continued reading Bauer's "The Story of the World, Volume II." They love that series. I had to hunt up the next volume and Activity Book from my stash this weekend as they were afraid they'd finish Vol. II and not have the next one close at hand.

DS has particularly enjoyed the latest chapters as they deal with travel by sail one of his favorite topics. Now if only we can make it to the library in the next day or so as he's managed to finish all the books he brought home last time and he has a few suggestions from SOTW to search for.

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